Dawna Love

“I have been in the tax preparation business for over 14 years and I can not speak highly enough of Rod and his company along with the entire Team at SimpleTax! I partnered with a few different software companies during my first few years in the business but once I was introduced to Rod and his Team- let’s just say, I was home ! It’s been over 10 years now! This company not only assisted with the revamping of my business but they have literally held my hand year after year with coaching, training and connections to build and expand my brand ! I have learned so much and been introduced to so many other financial opportunities since becoming apart of SimpleTax! My company net-profits six-figures a year consistently and preparing to reach seven- figures … I would stand behind this brand, this company- SimpleTax, against all others !”

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Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one to one customer service.

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