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A completely web based software that is user friendly and comprehensive for any tax office. If you are a preparer on the go or just need a maintenance and hassle free software, Keep It Simple is for you!

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Keep It Simple Overview
Industry Leading Innovation

Keep It Simple has been built with a host of industry leading tools and features designed for professional tax preparation businesses. Check out some of the innovative software features below.


e-Signature is an easy and efficient way for taxpayers to sign tax forms. With no signature pad required and remote signature option supported, e-Signature allows you to save money by reducing paper usage & storage and minimizing tax return errors, helping you to meet government disclosure requirements and move towards a paperless office.

Mobile Applications

The MyTaxOffice mobile application allows your taxpayer to create a new taxpayer account from anywhere and interact with your office without having to travel to the office each time. Taxpayers can upload documents or use their mobile device’s camera to scan and upload. Taxpayers will also have access to their tax forms to review and sign. Taxpayers can communicate through the app with their preparer as well.

Document Manager

Reduce or eliminate paper trail by scanning and uploading essential client documents. Document Manager eliminates the need to photocopy and physically store documents as you move towards a paperless office. Upload important documents such as W-2s, 1099s, and receipts directly into a client’s electronic file.

Audit Assistance

SIMPLETAX partners the best and most comprehensive Audit Assistance company. They offer more benefits for both the tax payer and the tax professional than any other Audit Assistance company. Now is the right time for tax preparers to earn extra profit on each tax return while providing your clients with a much needed product. They have experienced bilingual tax professionals ready to assist your client in the event of an audit.

Taxpayer Portal

The taxpayer portal is a secure, user-friendly site that allows your client to stay connected without visiting the tax office. The taxpayer can view/print tax forms, Remotely sign tax forms, and upload tax-related documents such as W2s, drivers licenses, social security cards, and much more. Taxpayers also can send messages to the preparer and preparer can respond, in real-time.

Business Forms

With our full business package customers are able to process business tax returns (1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 2290, 5500, 720, 709, 706, and 990) faster and more efficient than ever before. We include all state business return forms and all of the same features you use for your individual 1040 taxpayers. Utilizing our web-based software means you can prepare business returns from your home, your office or even your client’s office.

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A completely web-based software that is user friendly; yet provides comprehensive software for your tax office. If you are a preparer on the go or just need a tax software that is maintenance-free with nothing to download, this product is for you! Create a multi-user office without the hassle of a server, and start growing your business today!

Keep It Simple combines professional tax software with scheduling and tracking tools, bank products, and individual pricing structures for the professional tax preparer. All states are included with our interview and/or forms-based professional tax software.


If you are a preparer on the go or just need a tax software that is maintenance-free with nothing to download, this product is for you!